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Twins with Down Syndrome in Wheelbarrow
Image by billow926


What is HIPPA? 

A special needs trust is specially structured to ensure a person with a disability can use the money and other property held in the trust, while at the same time allowing the the disabled individual to continue to receive  essential government benefits.

Why Do I Need A Special Need Trust?

People with disabilities can only receive government benefits if they stay under the poverty line which is around $2,000 if they wan to continue to received SSI, Medi-Cal, or IHSS.  If there income increases due to inheritance they could lose their government benefits.  

How can a Special needs Trust Help?

The beneficiary of a special needs trust does not actually own the money so they can remain eligible for government programs.  OF the benificary needs to use funds from the Trust, the trustee will pay the bills directly without giving funds to the beniciary.

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