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What is a Gun Trust?

​A Gun Trust is a legal document which tells the executor of your  estate how to take care of and distribute your guns after you have passed.  It is similar to a standard Trust accept that it ONLY has your guns in it.  Think of a gun trust as a storage container that you put your guns into to hand to someone else.​

Why would I want to have a separate Trust Guns?

If you want, you can place all your guns in your regular trust. If the trustee(s) of your family trust is familiar with guns, aware of the laws governing gun safety, physically handling guns and the legal transfer of firearms; then having your firearms in in a family trust should be fine.  However, if your trustee(s) are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with guns you may want to have them in a dedicated gun trust.

​For example, let’s assume your daughter is the trustee of family trust , in the event of your passing, and is very uncomfortable handling or dealing with firearms.  She would make a poor trustee for a trust involving firearms.  In this case you may want to have your brother, a friend, or a cousin be responsible for overseeing the transfer of your firearms in a safe and legal manner.

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